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A USB Coordinator can only be used on a Computer/Server provided by VersaCall.
IT provided VM Servers must use the Remote (Ethernet Connected) Coordinator.
This guide explains the process for connecting a USB Coordinator that is an Add-On to the existing system.
This would be a Coordinator in addition to the existing Coordinator that came with the system originally.


Computer/Server/VM must have have been provided by VersaCall directly.
User must have be assigned to a Role (VersaVision) that allows them to access Administration - Mesh.
Hardware must be installed prior to these instructions.
Add-On USB Coordinator MUST be plugged into an open USB Port on the VersaCall Computer/Server.


Administration can be accessed via the Home page menu or the Administration icon. Once Administration has been selected - select Mesh from the menu.


Click on the Add New button in the right corner above the Coordinators List.

The Add Coordinator properties window will show on the right side of the Coordinators list.
Click in the Name field.

Enter a name for the Coordinator.
Good Practice - name the Coordinator something that will help you/others locate it.

On the left side of the Add Coordinator properties, all of the installed Coordinators will show.
Make note of all the Isolation Codes.

Click on the down arrow on the Isolation Code field.

Select an Isolation Code that is 1 greater than the highest value.
For our example there is 1 Coordinator, the highest Isolation Code is 1.
The code that we will be selecting is 2.

Click on the down arrow in the Type field.

Select Serial from the list.

Once Serial has been selected, the Coordinator properties options will update.
There will now be additional fields - click on the down arrow on the Port Name field.

There will be 2 "USB" ports listed, select the NEW port.
The new port would be the port NOT assigned to the existing USB Coordinator.
For our example the name is "ttyUSB1 (usb-VersaCall_Mesh_Radio_XXXXXX-port1)"

Leave the Baud Rate field set to "115200".

Select the Save button at the top right side of the page.

Ensure the the newly added Coordinator shows in the Coordinator list.

If the New Coordinator is Connected, move on to the next Step - Check Status.
If the New Coordinator is NOT Connected (image below), contact VersaCall Support for assistance.

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