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The Dashboard Viewing Area of the Home page allows the user to select a Real-Time Board to be displayed at all times on the home page.
This page will concentrate on providing information regarding all the available options in the Dashboard Viewing Area.

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By default, the Dashboard Viewing Area will not have anything visible.
Once a Dashboard is selected, the system will show it from that point forward or until it is changed.
Click on the down arrow in the Dashboard field.

A list of all Dashboards setup in the system will be presented. The user will need to select the best Dashboard for their needs.

The page will refresh and show the selected Dashboard in the Viewing Area.

If the user does not wish to view a panel on the home page, the Dashboard Viewing Area can be closed. Click on View icon on the right side of the Dashboard field.

The page will refresh and Dashboard Viewing Area will no longer be visible.

The Dashboard Viewing Area can be brought back at any time by clicking on the View icon.

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