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Administration is used to access important system components. There are multiple components inside Administration, this page is focused on the Packages component.
Each part of the VersaVision system is a component. These components work together to provide the VersaVision software and interface. For simplicity, VersaCall has titled those components as Packages.
This page will concentrate on providing a general knowledge of Packages. We suggest this page be left as is unless told to be changed by a VersaCall Technician.


Administration can be accessed via the Home page menu or the Administration icon. Once Administration has been selected - select Packages from the menu.

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On the Packages page there will be individual cards shown. Each card represents a specific component/package in the system. These cards have important information and actions.

The Packages title will have the total number of packages loaded on the system in parenthesis.

The name of the package informs the user of what component it is along with the version.

There is a brief description of the package that explains what function it performs.

If there is ever a need to remove a package, the user would click on the Delete button on the package card. CAUTION: there will be no warning, the package will be automatically deleted.
NOTE: VersaCall suggest users NEVER delete packages unless specifically told to do so by a VersaCall Technician.

The VersaVision software is built to handle multiple sites inside an organization.
Using VersaCall as an example, we have offices in San Diego, Mexico and Europe.
Each location would be an Entity inside the VersaVision software.

Certain Packages can be assigned to the Organization or the Entity.
Example below shows the 2-Way Radio package as an Organization item.
Example below shows the BSC package as aan Entity item.
Both packages are OFF (Not Enabled).

Package assignment can be turned ON (Enabled) by clicking on the toggle switch.
Example below shows both packages are ON (Enabled).

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When Packages need to be added to the system or Updated in the system, the user will use the Upload option. The Upload button can be found at the top of the Packages page on the right - click on the button to start the process.

A pop-up windows will load on the screen - click on the Choose File button.

Navigate to the location where the package is saved on the computer - double click on the file.

The Upload Package window will load, the packages name will appear next to the Choose File button.
Click on the Submit button to upload the package to the system or select the Close button to abort the upload process.

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