Mesh Network Specifications

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Mesh Devices build their own network to create a reliable network to transmit requests to the Coordinator.
This allows for multiple transmission paths to the Coordinator in case a device losses power, communication or is removed.
The more Mesh Devices that are added to a system/network, the more range/distance that can be covered.
Each Coordinator is limited to 100 total devices.
For systems with more that 100 devices, an additional Coordinator would need to be added to the system.
The additional Coordinator(s) will be assigned different Isolation Codes (Channels).


The Mesh Network employed by VersaCall utilizes its own proprietary protocols.
This signal is NOT Wi-Fi.
Devices on the Mesh Network CANNOT communicate on a customer’s Wi-Fi or Ethernet based network.
Mesh devices can only communicate with each other or to the Coordinator.
The Coordinator has a direct connection to the VersaCall Server.
128-bit AES encryption is available.
Implementing this feature would require additional setup and will cause communication to run at a lower speed.
All Mesh Network communications would be encrypted going out and have to be decrypted when received.
This process would cause the lower speed.


North America: 900 MHz
Europe: 868MHz
All Others: ISM 2.4 GHZ


Frequency: 900 MHz ISM Band (902 – 928 MHz)
Indoor Range: 1000 ft
Outdoor Range: 4 miles
Transmit Power: 250 mW
Encryption: 128-bit AES (Optional)
Reliable Packet Delivery: Retries/Acknowledgments
Channels: 8 hopping patterns on 12 channels
FCC (USA): Yes
IC (Canada): Yes


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