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Automated Reports must have a Time Slot setup that tells the system when to run and email a specific report.
This option has 2 Types Monthly & Weekly.
The information on this page is focused on the Weekly option.
Weekly should be selected when the report is to be run on 1 or more days in a week.
Generally used for reports that get run daily or weekly.

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Click on the down arrow in the Type field.

Select Weekly from the list.

Below the Type field the days of the week represented by circle icons.
By default Monday to Friday will be highlighted.
Click on Monday to Friday to deselect them.
Click on Sunday or Saturday to select them.
For this example, the report is being setup to run on Friday.

Once the day or days of the week have been selected, the user will need to select the specific time the report should be run. Click on the clock icon in the Time field.

Using the drop down table, select a specific time.

Users can also click on the Hour or Minutes in the field to highlight them. Once one is selected the user can type in a new value.

To remove a Time Slot click on the Delete icon on the right side.

   Reporting Main     |    Automated Reports   

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